Caridad & Angel’s Wedding at The Club of Knights in Coral Gables Florida

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Getting to know people is part of a photographers job. Every person we have photographed has their own unique expressions and flare for life. Caridad radiates a strong presence of love and commitment. She falls hard for the people she loves and goes out of her way to make sure that they know how important they are in her life. Her mother is a big part of that and it truly shows in these images. Her wedding band has been passed down and maybe one day she will do the same. Angel’s Presence is one of positivity and decisive action as when he addresses his family and friends it is well thought out from his heart and soul, or in other words he is a quiet gentleman with a heart of gold. The two have had unconventional family stories that are truly beautiful and warm our hearts.

The two were married at the Club of Knights in Miami Florida. The Ceremony was a candlelit outdoor occasion with lights cascading down from the trees. A string-lit ancient tree framed the two as they said their forevers. A catholic Irish priest blessed the rings while the mother held them in her hands. After the two love birds kissed, they danced down the aisle signifying to the world that it was time to celebrate. Cari and Angel made it a priority to greet everyone at the entrance of the reception. This just shows the world how wonderful people can be. The reception hall gleamed with golden chandeliers, candles, and was accented with rustic wood and bright white linen. The two made their entrance with confidence and pride as they were welcomed with a roar of applause. The DJ did not miss a beat and made sure the dance floor was packed with enthusiasm and joy. We thought to ourselves that a celebration like this cannot get any better, we were truly mistaken. The great hall doors burst open a drummer and two dancers followed in signifying that the real party was here. Family and friends danced the night away in honor of Cari and Angel. It was a true blessing to be part of such a wonderful union and we are so very grateful that Cari and Angel chose The Affinity Studio to capture such a special day not only in their hearts, but ours as well.

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