Katherine & Ian’s Wedding at The Riverside Hotel Fort Lauderdale Florida

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Love has a tendency to attract the best intentions in the most trying times but only destiny has the foresight to bring us together. We push ourselves everyday and we face experiences that might test our faith. Marriage is not only a union it is a test. An impossible test that never ends and every problem that you face you do it together and that is what makes Ian and Katherine such a beautiful couple. On that day their wedding day was tested in the most amazing way

As I open my eyes I look back at the images and trace back as Ian and Katherine began to put on their masks and enter the stage most of us call marriage. The two bicker and talk as if they have been together for an eternity it is the kind of cute love that you see in timeless couples, you know the old ones, that when you look you hope that one day you can say the same. The two made it a point to share their moment with their son James as he is the focal and center of their life. James is a part of both of them, a forever stronger than any vow or declaration. The two wanted to remind the world in tradition of their solemn vows. They chose the rooftop of the riverside.

The weather challenged use all with rain and clouds. Finally the sun burst through the clouds as one of the attendees said “see you have to have faith”. Ten minutes passed as I stare in nervous anticipation watching a guitarist play a beautiful melody on the side of the aisle. I knew something was wrong. Both Franchesca and I went looking for the bride we thought to ourselves Katherine is not late for anything something must be terribly wrong. We walked in the conference room so see Katherine and Ian huddled together. The officient mixed up the times and was not able to make it. At that exact moment I sarcastically said to myself “yeah faith huh”, and before I ended my sentence, the guitarist entered the room and said ” I can can marry you? He had a license that he had never used. Katherine looked up and nodded with joy. Their ceremony was just long enough to keep out of the rain.

The Reception was incredible with a four piece band headlined by the savior of the ceremony. The two danced the day away. Everything was imperfectly perfect that day. Sometimes you have to have a little faith.

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