Franchesca & Ian

 Franchesca met Ian through a dating site. Little did they know, that the two were going to the same art school. Ian was majoring in Digital Film and Video Production and Franchesca was studying photography. The two soon realized that they had much in common including their professions. Ian and Franchesca became inseparable and soon were married.
Franchesca knew the brides and the photographic composition and Ian had the production knowledge and technical skills to create a seamless film.  The two created The Affinity Studio and have been creating beautiful love stories ever since. ​

Meet Us

We would love to sit down and enjoy a cup of coffee with you. Sitting down in a relaxed atmosphere allows us to hear your story before the wedding day. This helps us so that we can completely reflect the individuality of who you are and the people around you in the photos and film. from a wedding photographer's filmmaker's perspective, we know that without a great understanding of the subject and content at hand, it is highly improbable to cover what and when is needed. It's that magical feeling that you can't describe completely with words but which is unique to you love story. We are dedicated and committed to working with you.

Everything is beautiful, it just needs a touch of light.